Academic Publications

Academic publications are presented in three main categories below: Healthcare, Education, Families. Research received ethical approval from Goldsmiths, University of London, as part of a PhD on Cis-supremacy, Rights and Well-being of Trans Children who socially transition under the age of eleven in the UK. Almost all of the below are available open access.


Horton, C. (2021) “It felt like they were trying to destabilise us”:  Parent assessment in UK Children’s Gender Services, International Journal of Transgender Health

Horton, C. (2022).“Of Course, I’m Intimidated by Them. They Could Take My Human Rights Away”: Trans Children’s Experiences with UK Gender Clinics. Bulletin of Applied Transgender Studies. 1(1-2):47-70

Horton, C. (2022). De-pathologising diversity: Trans children and families’ experiences of pathologisation in the UK. Children and Society.

Horton, C. (2022). Experiences of puberty and ‘puberty blockers’ – Insights from trans children, trans adolescents and their parents. Journal of Adolescent Research.

Horton, C. (2022). “I didn’t want him to disappear” Parental decision-making on access to puberty blockers for trans early adolescents. Journal of Early Adolescence.


Horton, C. (2020) Surviving or Thriving? Raising our ambition for trans children in primary and secondary schools, Frontiers in Sociology. 5.

This is also available in a short and accessible infographic see here

Horton, C. (2022). Horton, C. (2022). Institutional cisnormativity and educational injustice: Trans children’s experiences in primary and early secondary education in the UK. British Journal of Educational Psychology.

Horton, C. (2022). Reducing Gender Minority Stress – Support for trans pupils in our schools. International Journal of Transgender Health.

Horton, C. and Carlile, A. (2022) “We just think of her as one of the girls” – Applying a Trans Inclusion Staged-Model to trans children’s experiences in UK primary and secondary schools. Teachers College Record. (Advance copy ahead of publication).

Horton, C. (2022) Being an ally to trans pupils in early years, primary and secondary schools in Diverse Educators: A Manifesto Kara, B. & Wilson, H. (Eds.) University of Buckingham Press (not open access).

Social Transition & Families

Horton, C. (2022). “Euphoria”: Trans children and experiences of pre-pubertal social transition. Journal of Family Relations.

Horton, C. (2022). “I was losing that sense of her being happy” – Trans children and delaying social transition. LGBT+ Family Studies.

Horton, C. (2022). “I never wanted her to feel shame”: Parent reflections on supporting a transgender child. Journal of LGBT Youth.

Horton, C. (2021) Parent Advocacy Groups for Trans Children In The SAGE Encyclopaedia of Trans Studies A. E. Goldberg & G. Beemyn, Eds. SAGE Publications, Inc DOI: 10.4135/9781544393858.n201 (not open access)