Born in the right body


When you were born you were perfect;

strong, healthy, just a bit too yellow.

We thought you were a boy;

We now know you are a girl.

Our kind, clever, beautiful daughter.

Happy, confident, healthy.

You are still perfect – our perfect girl.


You are not a girl in a boy’s body.

This is your body, and you are a girl.

Your body is just like your new friends’ who are also trans girls.

You have a perfect trans girl’s body.

Never let anyone tell you otherwise.


As you get older, maybe you will want or need to change some part.

I know you don’t want a beard

But what you do with your body is entirely up to you.

There is no right way to be.

You are loved and perfect as you are.


You were not born in the wrong body.

Remember your uncle’s knee didn’t work and he had to go to the hospital to fix it?

No one says he was born in the wrong body.

You know your grandma needs to take medicine because her hormones aren’t right.

No one says she was born in the wrong body.


You are a perfect girl, with a perfect body.

And we love you to the moon and back,

and always will.

10 thoughts on “Born in the right body

  1. Love this. As the father of a seven year transgender little girl, I could not have said it better myself.

    If you don’t mind I might share this on my blog, and with a FB secret group of parents of transgender children. I know they would appreciate it.

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  3. I am balling now. This poem is so affirming. As a non-binary trans* genderfluid teen I feel heard after reading this. Thank you for supporting your amazing daughter you are a wonderful mom. I wish my mom was as cool and supportive. Your daughter is lucky to have you.


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