PhD starts here


Throughout the past years of trying to secure the rights of my child, I’ve been frustrated at the substantial barriers trans children face.

The many ways in which their rights are infringed.

The systemic obstacles they need to jump over, hoping for equality of opportunity.

Their very existence is challenged.

Lack of data is part of the problem – time and again trans kids are left out of surveys or research – they aren’t even considered.

With these challenges in mind, I’ve applied for, and been accepted onto a PhD at Goldsmiths Education department.

My topic: Cisnormativity and the rights, equality and well-being of socially transitioned transgender children under the age of 12. I’ll be supervised by Dr Anna Carlile.

I’ll have a focus on trans children in education, as well as considering families, healthcare and wider rights.

I’m doing it part-time, and aim to publish as I go. Watch this space.

I’m very interested in connecting with trans positive researchers, as well as with researchers specialising in child rights / child participation.

I can be reached on twitter @fiercemum

Wish me luck!

2 thoughts on “PhD starts here

  1. This is fantastic! Congratulations! I have followed your blog for a while, I am the mother of a Trans young adult and have had an uphill battle all the way living in rural Scotland. I wish you the best of luck.


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